Social media monitoring tools

Social media has evolved into a new enriched source of data, allowing businesses to focus marketing campaigns to an attentive audience in real-time. Social media monitoring tools allow companies to measure and maximize their effectiveness of their social marketing and form a basis for their marketing campaigns. The analysis in this blog is derived around investigate 12 free social media monitoring tools and their effectiveness, purely based on this authors opinions and limited experience of these tools, below is a list of tools that were reviewed:

To compare these tools I used a company knowing that it would have a substantial amount of social media interaction and one of Australia’s largest company, ANZ Bank. Below are thumbnails of my experiences with these applications, if you wish to view these, you can click on them to view the larger images.
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The results into quantitative data. Each tool has been categorized and measured by evaluating them in three areas, ease of use, graphical display and software that supports multiple social media searches. These are all ranked from 1 to 10, 1 being the least effective and 10 being the most effective. A brief description of my experience of each tool is listed in the Findings column.

Social media monitoring analysis_3

The ease of use refers the login process and the intuitive way in which a user can comprehend the software. The graphical display refers to pie charts, line charts and bar charts as a way to graphically represent the data.


The graph above depicts the results, the higher the sphere the easier it is to use, the further to the left the better the graphical display and the larger the sphere the greater number of social media site it will report on them. From this graph we can determine that “Hootsuite” and “Socialbakers” appear to be the best preforming social media monitoring tool with social baker just out preforming “Socialbakers”.

social media monitoring tool with social baker just out preforming “Socialbakers”.

“Socialbaker” professional designed interface and its ease of use was the tool of choice. The free version produces a detailed report with an excellent interactive graphic and reporting interface and the professional version offers a lot more.

“Hootsuite” was also a very useful tool and once learning how to navigate around the interface “Hootsuite” provided a live feed of social media interactions you wished to monitor including a graphical interface.

All of these tools provide the basic requirements of an analytic monitoring tool they provide content filtering, real-time responses and identification methods. As social technology transform society processes and culture in participating in open sharing and collaboration. The challenges and advantages for enterprises to embrace and exploit this avenue of information will allow a company to market its products or services to an attentive audience. These social media monitoring tools are indispensable to any company’s marketing toolkit.


About jcoglan2013

I am currently completing my master in IT at QUT, I am the ICT/CAD Manager for the department of Public Works Queensland Government.
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3 Responses to Social media monitoring tools

  1. yannick says:

    Thanks, very nice overview of the most popular monitoring tools. My experience is that qualitative analysis tools like SocialMention are often producing less reliable results, but may give insights that a quantitative analysis might miss. What is your opinion on this?

    • jcoglan2013 says:

      Thanks Yannick, Good point if I was going to professionally use and upgrade to a purchased analytic tool, then I would expect these results to be accurate. How can you measure this? Good question….

  2. This post is so comprehensive, thank you, John.
    I agree with what yannick commented, as free social media monitoring tools tend to be not reliable when comparing their results with each other. And some tools like Addictomatic are just similar as google search except that they can search by media platforms.

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